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Lakeside Country Club Tennis Court Rules and Reservation System

Every member must sign in on the dry erase board posted on the courts with the time your play has begun

Do not walk or stand in back or between courts while play is in progress

Tennis ball cans and other debris should be placed in the trash receptacles provided.

Sitting or leaning on the nets is damaging to the nets and net straps and is strictly prohibited.

  • Children using the tennis courts under age of 12 must be under direct and continuous supervision of an adult member who shall assume full responsibility of their behavior.


Tennis Court Reservations

Court reservations are recommended for Prime Time usage of the courts at LCC for regular members and their paid guests Monday – Friday

  • A member who is unable to use a reservation MUST contact the club to release the court as early as possible
  • A member who has reserved a court must be on the premises within 5 minutes after the reserved court time or the reservation shall be considered abandoned and the court shall be assigned to the next alternate.
  • Weekends are on a first come basis and the sign in board will be utilized to determine court availabilities.

Court Rotation/Time Limits

  • One and a half hours MAX.  Bringing in one replacement player at a time in a doubles match does not extend the time limit when the first hour and a half has elapsed, the court is to be relinquished to any waiting member immediately upon completion of the GAME in progress.
  • A player awaiting the arrival of an opponent may not hold a court vacant
  • Rallying or practice warm-ups count towards the allotted time limits.

Guest Policy

  • Guests may be accompanied by a LCC member who is required to remain with and be responsible for the paid guest.
  • Guests must play on the same court as their host or hostess.
  • Two  Lakeside members on a court does not trump another member and their paid guest.

Tennis PRO

  • A member who is taking a lesson with a tennis pro is responsible for booking the court 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson.

Club Tournaments and League Play

  • The number and type of club tournaments and league play shall be approved from time to time by the LCC board and the days and hours of play shall be posted.  No reservations or court usage shall be allowed during that time.
  • Official USTA teams and other club approved teams engaged in league play shall have priority for use of the courts for their scheduled home matches.  The team captain must notify the club manager of a requirement for court use at least on week prior to a scheduled match.


The board reserves the right to make rule changes without advance notice.  If such changes are made, members will receive appropriate notification.

Adult Tennis

Lakeside is looking for tennis players, both men and women.  Players are being sought for a Ladies’ Adult Tennis League on Thursday nights (TNT) and a Men’s Challenge Board and League.  Anyone interested in either of these Leagues or for more information, please contact Jessica Couret at