Pool Rules

The following rules are in place for the main pool, baby pool, and pool deck areas. The pool may not be used by any person who has a communicable disease, open sores, or any other condition considered dangerous to the health and safety of others. 

The Lifeguards on duty have the authority to remove anyone at any time from the main or baby pools because of inappropriate behavior 



2. No floating devices of any kind allowed in the deep end of the pool. No small balls, automobile inner tubes, inflatable rafts, or any object deemed objectionable or dangerous by pool personnel are allowed in the pool area. Floating devices, including life jackets or swim aids, are allowed in the shallow end of the pool only. 

3. No glass in any form is allowed on the pool deck, cabana, or breezeway. The only exception would be sunglasses or prescription eyewear. 

4. No boisterous or rough play in the pool area. 

5. No running on the pool deck, under the breezeway, in the cabana, or in the shower rooms. 

6. No diapered babies allowed in either the main pool or the baby pool – babies wearing special swim diapers will be allowed in the pool. 

7. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the pool at any time. 

8. Smoking is not allowed on club grounds. 

9. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time. No excessive bouncing on the board is permitted. 

10. Children under the age of ten (10), not sanctioned for swimming in the adult pool by a lifeguard, must be accompanied by an adult or guardian (18 years of age or older) at all times. 

11. During the break each hour, children are not allowed to have any part of their body in or near the pool (this includes the red bricks or blue tiles). The Lifeguards will strictly enforce this rule.