Lakeside Lasers Dive Team

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Dear Lakeside Diving Team Parents,

I am looking forward to the start of our diving season. We need divers for every age group. Boys and girls under the age of 18 are eligible to dive in our JCCA program. If your child can swim from the diving board to the ladder in the deep end, they can join the diving team (there is no minimum age). The basic rules for JCCA Diving and the meet and practice schedules are available on the Lakeside CC website (www.lakesidecountryclub.org).  I will hand out May schedules at the registration on April 11th at LCC. Our first meet will be held in June. Practices will start in May (I will divide practices into two groups). A full meet schedule and practice schedule for June and July will be provided later and will be posted in the Lakeside office. The Meet of Champions will be held on Friday, July 22nd. All dual meets will be held on Monday nights at 6:30 pm. Please arrive no later than 6:00 for home meets and 5:00 for away meets. For all away meets, we will practice at the opposing club for 1 hour prior to the meet. The best way to learn about diving is to come watch our team practice. I am always available after practices if you have any questions. If you need to reach me, my phone number is 504-258-2961 (Cell). I can also be reached at jrbrew34@rtconline.com. Make sure to check out our Facebook Page. Just search for “Lakeside Country Club Diving Team”. I will provide updates on practices and any other important information via the FB page and e-mail. I hope to see you at the practices and the meets. Please fill out the attached form below and return it to me with your registration fee.


Rob Dauenhauer

Lakeside Country Club

Diving Team Coach


Rules Cheat Sheet for JCCA Diving

1. For age groups, divers age shall be determined by their age as of June 1st.

2. In order to compete in the Meet of Champions on July 27th, a diver must participate in at least 1 JCCA Diving Meets (due to only having 4 teams).

3. No dive, whether it be a required dive or optional dive, may be repeated. All dives of the same group (forward, backward, inward, reverse and twisting) are considered the same dive. However, the diver may perform a second optional dive from the same group as the required dive.

4. Team points shall be awarded as follows:

a. 1st place – 5 points

b. 2nd place – 3 points

c. 3rd place – 1 point

5. Each club may enter no more than three divers in each age group in dual meets. Exhibition divers may be permitted; however, they will not earn team points.

6. If the dive is performed clearly in a position other than what is written, the referee shall instruct the judges to award the dive no more than a score of 2.

7. If the diver takes less than three steps before the hurdle, the referee shall instruct the announcer to reduce the judge’s award by 2 points. Therefore, a dive performed with no approach will be affected by this rule.

8. If there is a break in position, the judge shall deduct their awards accordingly.

9. It is a failed dive if the amount of twist is greater or less than that announced by 90 degrees or more.

If a twisting dive is performed with a twist either ¼ twist over or under the required twist, the dive shall be awarded no higher than a 3 from any judge (judge the dive, DO NOT automatically score a three). The referee shall call this penalty before the awards are announced

10. In all head first entries, the diver shall attempt to stretch the arms beyond the head. In all feet first entries, the diver shall attempt to hold the arms close to the body. If the arms are not in the correct position, the referee shall instruct the announcer to deduct 1 point from each judge’s award.

11. In the 6 & under age group, the coach may assist the diver on only 1 dive. If so, the degree of difficulty will drop down to 1.0, and a score of no higher than a 2 may be given.

12. Age groups are as follows:

6 & under – 4 dives

8 & under – 5 dives

10 & under – 5 dives

12 & under – 5 dives

14 & under – 5 dives

16 & under – 5 dives

18 & under – 5 dives

13. The 6 & under, 8 & under and 10 & under age groups must do a forward or backward jump (whichever is required) and the required dive in their list. The required dives should be listed first in the dive list.

For the 6&U age group only, a diver may perform a second jump (different from the required jump) with a DD of 1.0.

All other age groups must only do 1 required dive.

14.The diver must receive awards on 2 of their dives in order to receive team points.